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Nickel Free Earrings - A Wedding Day Must!

Why Not To Wear Earrings Which Contain Nickel!

Earrings that contain Nickel can cause allergic reactions, known as contact dermatitis. It is a very common allergen. Prolonged exposure to Nickel can lead to skin irritation, itching, swelling and redness around the earlobes. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, not you the bride to be, your bridesmaids or mother of the bride wants to experience an allergic reaction. Opt for nickel free earrings from The Bold One Co or those made from hypoallergenic materials.

Besides allergic reactions, there are other reasons why to avoid earrings containing Nickel:

1. Skin Sensitivity

Regardless of whether you have a complete nickel allergy some individuals will still experience discomfort and irritation when wearing earrings that contain Nickel.

2. Discolouration

Earrings that contain nickel will react with moisture on your skin and can cause your skin to become discoloured, resulting in green/black marks around the earlobes.

3. Tarnishing

Earrings containing Nickel quickly lose their shine and become dull in appearance. They are much more prone to tarnishing.

4. Long - term Effects

Exposure to Nickel overtime can worsen allergic reactions, making sensitivities far more severe.

5. Limited Options

By limiting yourself to cheap jewellery containing Nickel you are limiting your choices in jewellery as many people prefer hypoallergenic materials to avoid potential issues with allergens. Some companies go to a great length to hide the materials used! If something sounds too good/ cheap to be true, its because the materials are likely of a very low quality! 

Want To Minimise Potential Issues?

The Bold One Co advises to choose earrings made from materials that don't contain Nickel and always look at the fine print of jewellery products on websites. Rest assured all earrings from The Bold One Co are nickel free!

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