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Our Story

"The Bold One Co consumer wants something different. They are one of substance, they don't wish to simply blend in. They make fashion forward statements & know exactly what they want when they see it. They are bold in their pursuit for something different to the norm. They are proud to be who they are & are rightly so unapologetically themselves." - Sonia Gleeson O'Connell CEO

Founder of The Bold One Co Sonia married her best friend and travel buddy Ronan O'Connell in July 2022. From the outset of their engagement back in September 2018 Sonia spent a long time relentlessly searching for 'The One' and when I say the one, I mean the dress! Thankfully, choosing the right man was a much faster decision!

Sonia must have tried on over 100+ dresses between Ireland and the UK, searching endlessly for 'that something different' with of course the most open back possible to no avail. There are many amazing Irish designers out there however It appeared she wanted something which simply just didn't exist within the Irish market at that time. When she did find a dress with a low back she didn't like the structure of the dresses at the front , dress structure on her shape or else wasn't keen on the feel of the material on or the look of the design. Although fussy she might be she knows exactly what she wants especially when she sees it. Simply put she just hadn't seen the one yet.

Having grown tired of her search Sonia knew if she wanted her dream dress she would have to get it made. Having tried on so many dresses at this stage she knew exactly what she wanted.

Constantly searching for modern design concepts online Sonia had been in awe with the incredible Pallas Couture producer based in Sydney Australia for some time. She loved all of their creations both collective and couture and knew they would be able to deliver exactly what she wanted to create if she went the couture route. Sonia reached out to them and worked remotely from Ireland over zoom with their team to design every aspect of her very own dress. She chose the structure, the material, the lace, lace placement, the colour, number of underlays and levels of transparency. All measurements were taken remotely over zoom. Thanks to the talented team in Pallas, Sonia was able to bring her dream dress to life. She later added open handed transparent gloves incorporating the lace design in her dress and the same delicate white buttons down her arm, a sparkly belt made out of the same beading as her dress and a 450cm plain soft tulle veil with a blusher wrapping around her knees to compliment her look, not forgetting her Jimmy Choo heels and mini bon bon bag.

Now that her dress and accessories were chosen you would think that would be the end of the 'difficult' decisions but not for Sonia. After being raised within the jewelry industry and having attended various Jewelry shows over the years along side her father Stephen she knew there was a wealth of jewelry designs which hadn't hit the Irish market and Sonia just had to source what was different so her search for 'the one' continued..this time for the perfect jewelry. Sonia sourced her wedding bands from UK manufacturers. Yes you read it right, two bands - one chosen by her husband and father and the second, her personal favorite with it's unusual design chosen by Sonia reflecting her personal sense of style.

Torn between the concept of a back necklace and a pair of statement earrings or wearing both, Sonia chose to finish her look with statement earrings. Conscious her dress had a lot of design detail, she wanted to compliment her dress and not take away from the back of the dress by adding even more details. She searched high and low for the perfect pair of statement earrings which again didn't exist In the Irish market. Again Sonia was searching for something very different to the usual earring concepts which dominate the Irish market. Sonia met an Irish designer whom sold her an unusual pair with a similiar beading design to Sonia's dress, Sonia knew they were the perfect match.

The creation of The Bold One Co is a reflection of Sonia's passion and relentless pursuit to discover modern statement design concepts internationally within the jewelry and fashion accessory industry. It is the mission of The Bold One Co to discover these designs and make them ready available to Bold women everywhere. Having being directly approached by so many Irish brides regarding Sonia's overall wedding look there is a clear hunger from Irish women all looking for the same thing, they are looking for something different, jewelry and accessories with a modern twist. They too have been searching to no avail. The modern woman doesn't want to blend in. Why should they? They are proud of who they are and want to stand out.

The power of final touches should never be underestimated. They reflect individuality just like a tattoo which too has its own story to tell. Magic happens when you add them.

Stay bold!


The Bold One Co x

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