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Why To Wear Pearls On Your Wedding Day!

Why You Should Wear Genuine Pearls On Your Wedding Day!

Wearing genuine cultured pearls on your wedding day is both a timeless and elegant choice which holds symbolism and a beautiful aesthetic appeal! Here's why The Bold One Co suggests you should consider adorning yourself on your big day with these lustrous gems!

1. Pearls are a symbolism of Purity

  • Pearls have been long associated with purity making them a fitting choice for your wedding day. Just like your commitment to your partner is pure and sincere, pearls represent this purity.

2. Elegant & Timeless

  • Pearls add a touch of understated elegance that transcends fashion eras and trends.
  • They offer a refined look which enhances your wedding look without overwhelming it.

3. Versatile

  • Pearls come in all shapes and sizes, not to mention colours which allows you to pick the perfect pearl type to compliement your overall wedding look - your wedding dress and personal style. Be it modern or traditional classic there is a pearl for every bride!

4. Glamour yet subtle!

  • Pearls, unlike some other gemstones have a gentle and soft glow  which adds glamour without being too in your face!
  • They are perfect for brides whom want to maintain an understated charm.

5. Cultural Reasons

  • Many cultures consider pearls symbols of love, luck & prosperity, bring positive energy to your marriage journey.

6. Family Heirlooms

  • Genuine pearl jewellery are often passed down from generation to generation. Wearing pearls adds a sentimental touch to your wedding ensemble connecting you to your familiy's history and future family traditions.

7. Valuable Keepsake

  • High quality pearls can be an investment which appreciates in value over time. By wearing pearls on your wedding day you aren't just adorning yourself with a beautiful gem but with also a valuable keepsake.

8. Captivating Effects In Wedding Photos

  • Pearls have a subtle radiance that catches and reflects light beautifully. This in turn creates a captivating effect in photos, adding a soft glow to your overall look whilst also making your special day more visually appealing.

9. Emotional Connection between you and your Wedding Day

  • Every time you wear them they will remind you of the love and the commitment you made on your special day.

Ultimately, whether you do wear or don't wear genuine pearls on your wedding day is a personal choice often influenced by your own personal style, your emotional connection to these stunning gems and also your cultural beliefs. Why not check out The Bold One Co extensive range of high quality pearl jewellery. We have a large variety of gems for both the modern and classic bride! And if pearls aren't for you we have a large range of cubic zirconia jewellery also online .

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