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Cheap Bridesmaid Earrings - Why Not To Buy!

6 Reasons - Why Not To Buy Your Bridesmaids Cheap Earrings!


1. Allergic reactions

Cheap earrings often use low quality materials that can contain Nickel or other allergens which can lead to allergic reactions and discomfort for your bridesmaids on your big day, especially if they have sensitive skin.

2. Tarnishing & Fading

More likely to tarnish & lose their colour quickly over time resulting in a potentially unappealing appearance on your wedding day!

3. Short Lifespan

Cheap bridesmaid earrings contain lower quality materials and are much easier to break or to become damaged. If you invest in a higher quality pair they will last longer and they will serve as a lasting momento of your special day.

4. Discomfort

Cheap earrings aren't as comfortable to wear and lead to irritated ears causing discomfort for your bridesmaids during the wedding ceremony & celebrations. Pronlonged exposure to nickel can worsen reactions overtime, making sensitivities more severe.

5. Less Impressive Gift

Giving your bridesmaids cheap earrings as a gift mightn't convey the appreciation & gratitude you feel towards them for being part of your wedding. Higher quality earrings can be a more thoughtful & meaningful token of your appreciation.

6. Poor Craftsmanship

Cheap wedding earrings are often poorly made resulting in uneven designs, loose clasps & sharp edges. Choosing higher quality earrings with reputable materials ensures your bridesmaids are comfortable! Afterall, who wants an allergic reaction on such a special day?

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